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Welcome to Matheas Guitars

As a luthier, everything I do is about achieving the greatest sounding and playing guitars possible, for you to easily express your music.

To me, this means a harmonically rich, clear and balanced tone over the entire musical range. With the widest dynamic range and longest sustain possible. Finally ensuring your guitar plays evenly and in tune, and responds to your individual musical approach.

This is my philosophy when I construct my Handmade Guitars.

To reach these goals, I use carefully selected tonewoods with exceptional musical and structural characteristics. Each guitar is fine tuned after it is made and settled, in order to get the most from the combined resonances.

It is selected vintage and mastermade Spanish and American models I have encountered in my repair work that have inspired my tonal, design and construction values.

My knowledge base of over 25 years includes guitar setup, repair, restoration as well as handmade guitars.

I am musically trained, so when I help you with your sound, I seek to value and understand your individuality and experience.

The workshop is located in Fitzroy, five minutes from the CBD.


Jim Matheas

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